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LIC Recruitment provides its clients with a breadth of associates to meet their staffing needs. We only recruit and select the best qualified candidate to meet your administrative and support personnel needs. Our candidates are professional, well-trained and carefully evaluated before placement is made. Using candidates from LIC Recruitment can significantly reduce your expense of employees. Our clients find LIC Recruitment to be quite cost-efficient as they only pay for the actual time worked; and their company avoids the high costs of taxes, insurance benefits and recruitment expenses.

At LIC Recruitment we believe that there is an untapped workforce that can provide a much needed pool of skilled administrative and support personnel across various industries. We know that there are skilled individuals with a ?want to work? attitude that can be successfully trained and placed. We tap into and fully develop these individuals through our proactive recruiting methods, unique and thorough screening process and ongoing training programs.

Whether you are a small business enterprise looking for a receptionist or a large organisation looking for a dedicated staff member, your staffing needs is our priority. Whether it is a repeat placement or a difficult to fill special assignment, our experienced team and personalized approach has resulted in a client base that has come to rely on us to successfully handle their temporary staffing needs.