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About Us

At LIC Recruitment, we are committed to hiring, the most qualified, highly skilled individuals and providing them with an outstanding career and developmental opportunities. Our unparalleled revenue growth and profitability is a result of learning from our collective experiences and strategically collaborating to achieve progressive change.

We realized that the way we respond and communicate to the needs of job seekers is reflected on our client companies. We therefore aim to provide the highest levels of candidate throughout the recruitment process. Candidates are treated with respect and dignity.

We can assess you, and provide you with either temporary contracts or permanent employment opportunities. Our consultant teams, in each of our specialist fields are highly experienced in providing recruitment service across a wide range of industries.

We supply staff to many successful companies and government bodies across London and England.

How we work

LIC Recruitment uses custom designed state of the art recruitment specific software package that is fully relational, to enable consultants to log and monitor all clients/candidates contracts and correspond in great details. It also enables both quick and efficiently.

Once our consultants receive CV?s which are assessed for relevant skills and competencies depending on the work roles they are applying for, candidates will have their identity and relevant qualification documents and (original) checked and photocopied, prior to face-to-face involvement with the consultant. Candidate notes are taken and if the candidates are successful, they are then invited to register with the company data base which is filling out a simple application form online. During registration, 2 references will be taken for every candidate.

The consultants will then check and verify their reference. Those candidates, whose applied position involves working with children and vulnerable adults, will undertake a police check. After, these formalities, candidates begin to receive work.